Rubric Scores

Score Description Num. Drawings
0 Parts of the drawing are missing (e.g., only one frame or two frames but no atoms in at least one frame), or the drawing is done without stamps.
1 Student does not conserve particle identity (the same particles are not in both frames).
2 Student conserves particle identity but does not always group atoms into allowable molecules and may not have the correct atoms. Some atoms are grouped incorrectly or not grouped with anything.
3 Student follows the basic principles of chemical reactions, but either does not include the right number and quantities of atoms (e.g., only includes 2O2 molecules in Frame 1 for Methane) or does not recombine all the atoms (reaction does not go to completion).
4 Student uses the correct atoms and groupings, but in some cases, molecules overlap so much that it cannot be determined whether the atoms were intended to all be part of one molecule or if separate molecules were intended.
5 Student uses the correct atoms and groups them into the appropriate molecules in each frame. Some molecules may have small spaces between their atoms, or be slightly touching, but these issues do not prevent one from figuring out what molecules the student intended.

Scoring Summary

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Student Drawings